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This is a list of music I've written, with links to pages on each piece, where I've added something to the site. This list is ordered by when the pieces were written, started with something substantial, in most cases.




16-Oct-2012 Lanarkist Country
22-Aug-2012 No Place (w Tania Joy) Folk-Blues
11-Aug-2012 Life I Lived for Love Pop
9-Aug-2012 Maybe Freedom Indie
5-Aug-2012 Love in a Lie (w Bill McKetrick) Americana
31-Jul-2012 Homegrown Texas Girl (w Mike Butler) Country
24-Jul-2012 Watching (w/ Dan Pharoah) Americana
26-Jun-2012 Wishful  Thinking Dance
19 0ct 2010 Any Other Man Pop
6-Apr-2010 Lucky Rock-Alt
8-Mar-2010 Trouble With You, The Pop
21-Jan-2010 Every Moment is your very last chance Rock-Alt
1-Nov-2009 Beneath the Silent Snow Folk
3-May-2009 Rumour Rock-Alt
15-Dec-2008 Ingenue (instrumental) Pop
1-May-2008 The Love That We Have Now Pop
29-Apr-2008 Just Being There Folk
28-Apr-2008 Empty Shoes Country
27-Apr-2008 Sometimes Love Folk
21-Apr-2008 Fiction Country
21-Apr-2008 Get out the Prozac and Run  Folk
20-Apr-2008 Conversation Slam
19-Apr-2008 Forgiveness Folk
17-Apr-2008 Hills of Peace Folk
16-Apr-2008 Vanishing Point Country
15-Apr-2008 Your Hands Upon My Face Country
13-Apr-2008 Heart's Desire Rock
9-Apr-2008 The Courage to Say Hey Folk
8-Apr-2008 Are we there yet?  Country
7-Apr-2008 Looking for the One Rock
2-Dec-2007 I Feel Your Pain (and I really don’t care) Country
28-Nov-2007 Absent Friends Folk
14-Apr-2007 Moment of Truth Rock
13-Jan-2007 Eyes like a Camera Rock-Alt
1-Dec-2006 Maybe it's just a story Christmas
21-Apr-2006 Big Enough Country
19-Aug-2005 Sirens in the Night Rock-Alt
11-Mar-2005 Wounds of Ireland Irish
14-Nov-2004 Streets of London Rock-Alt
13-Mar-2004 Take it all to Heart Country
18-Jan-2004 Song for (not) Glinda  Folk
1-Jan-2004 On Your Way Pop
12-Oct-2003 Real Estate Folk
11-Sep-2003 Every Turn of the Sky Folk
21-Jun-2003 No Future Any
26-Apr-2003 History Country
12-Apr-2003 Letters from the Past Folk
8-Feb-2003 Eighteen Years Country
1-Jan-2003 Devil, Help Me Out Country
1-Jan-2003 One More Chance Folk
6-Apr-2002 Hey George Pop
26-Jan-2002 If She Could be Mine Country
9-Sep-2001 Hiway 7 / Postcard from … Country
1-Aug-2001 Highway to Nowhere Country
1-Mar-2001 Couple of Words, A Folk
1-Mar-2001 Edson Folk
1-Mar-2001 Lights of Vegas Rock
23-Nov-2000 Sometimes Truth Rock
1-Apr-2000 What About You Country
29-Mar-2000 Love's Real Name Folk
23-Feb-2000 Derry Walls, These Irish
23-Jan-2000 Sea Longing Folk
19-Jul-1999 Heart to Heart Folk
19-May-1999 No More Words Country
27-Apr-1999 Quick and Dirty Country
1-Apr-1999 In Another Lifetime Pop
28-Feb-1999 American Dream  Country
3-Nov-1998 So Far, so Good Country
10-Oct-1998 Who Makes You Laugh Country
10-Sep-1998 Two Out, Two On Country
17-May-1998 Party Girl No More Country
23-Jan-1998 Money! Country
2-Nov-1997 Is it a Wonder? Rock
5-Jan-1997 Gift of the giver / Photographs / Thanks for Everything Pop
1-Aug-1997 Crazed and Amazed / Heart is Wild Rock
1-Apr-1997 Future, Whatever that Means Country
7-Apr-1996 You Said Pop
1-Apr-1996 Angels in the Snow Christmas
1-Jan-1996 Change Partners and Fly / Turned Away Pop
25-Mar-1995 You Say It's Love Rock
31-May-1993 Windborne Relaxation
1-Nov-1980 Christe, Lux Mundi [commissioned by the Vancouver Chamber Choir] Modern Concert
6-Jun-1980 Transformations (band) [commissioned by the Shaw Festival for Judith Marcuse's "Mirrors, Masques, and Transformations"] Modern Concert
1-Jan-1980 Chamber Sonata (Piano solo) [commissioned by Sharon Krause] Modern Concert
1-Jan-1979 Un Dubbio Verno (Brass Quintet)  Modern Concert
1-Nov-1978 Readings (Piano solo) Modern Concert
1-Jun-1978 Speakeasy (Voices) [commissioned by Dennis Wayne's Dancers, New York]  Modern Concert
1-Apr-1978 Ilha das Flores [Choir and 2 pianos, for Vancouver Chamber Choir, Jon Washburn] Modern Concert
1-May-1977 Apart [for Entre-Six] Modern Concert
1-Mar-1977 Passage [for Judith Marcuse] Modern Concert
21-Feb-1976 Waterwheel Jazz
1-Sep-1976 The Breath of Life (choir) [based on sayings of Lao Tzu] Modern Concert
1-Jul-1976 Piano Trio (Vn, Vc, Pf)  Modern Concert
1-Jan-1977 Return (Guitar Duet) (full recording) Modern Concert
1-Feb-1976 Dr. Faustus (incidental music for the Marlowe play, using voices, various instruments, and electronics) Modern Concert
  • Riel (Poem by Don Gutteridge)
Modern Concert
1-Jan-1974 On the Streets, Love (Soprano, WW quintet) (poems by Margaret Atwood) Modern Concert
1-Nov-1973 Readings in Praise of Winter (Piano Solo) Modern Concert
20-Oct-1973 The Energy of Slaves (choir) (poems by Leonard Cohen) Modern Concert
1-Sep-1973 Creatures of the Land Folk
1-Aug-1973 Promises (WORDS ONLY) Folk
1-Jun-1973 Boat We're In, This Folk
13-May-1973 Simple days Folk
1-May-1973 Last Night's Song Folk
14-Apr-1973 Promise / Sacred King Folk
1-Apr-1973 Four Piece Bar Band Rock
1-Feb-1973 The Water Is wide (new lyrics) Folk
1-Jan-1973 Crystal Ballroom Strut Folk
1-Jan-1973 Fragile Ties Folk
1-Dec-1972 When I was a Child Blues
1-Dec-1972 Think Just Once of Me Folk
3-Sep-1972 Just One Person Folk
1-Aug-1972 Life of Perfect Freedom Folk
1-Jun-1972 Counterfoil Beans Novelty
1-May-1972 Firelight Folk
1-Jan-1972 Long-Awaited Home Folk
1-Dec-1971 SunDance (instrumental) Folk
1-Nov-1971 Smile with no Goodbyes, A Folk
1-Jun-1971 Letter, A Folk
3-Mar-1973 Mountain Song / Let it Go Pop
3-Apr-1971 Perugian Mountain Train Folk
1-Apr-1971 Peace Folk
12-Mar-1971 Talking Alienation Folk
1-Mar-1971 Points of Departure Folk
1-Jan-1971 House Folk
1-Jan-1971 Five Point Star Pop
1-Jan-1971 Gentle Jack Folk
10-Oct-1970 Readings Pop
1-Oct-1970 Leaving Home FOlk
1-Jan-1970 Inheritance Folk
10-Oct-1969 Raindance Pop
1-Jun-1969 Resistance Folk
1-Mar-1969 Other Side of Madness Sketch
1-Feb-1969 Eyes Were Bridges Then Folk
1-Jan-1969 Blues Machine Rock
1-Jan-1969 Home Folk
1-Jan-1969 Wicked City Woman Rock
1-Oct-1968 Age of Reason (aka Queen of Earth and Darkness) Folk
1-Sep-1968 Contact Rock-Acid
1-Aug-1968 Full Length (aka Pieces) Rock-Acid
3-Mar-1968 Life in Your Hands Rock
2-Mar-1968 Lost Woman (lyrics) Blues
1-Mar-1968 Breaks Rock-Acid
1-Feb-1968 Waiting Is Rock-Acid
1-Jan-1967 Richmond Street Blues Blues
1-Jan-1965 I Live in Ships Folk
5-Jan-1964 Another Man Blues
4-Jan-1964 Roll On Buddy Folk
3-Jan-1964 Yorkville Blues (Fog in the Morning) Folk
2-Jan-1964 Seaway Blues Folk
1-Jan-1964 West Wind, the Folk